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Play Quick CLUE to unlock room bonuses for play at the CLUE slot in the casino.


Select your character and start solving the mystery in our first CLUE slot theme! With seven unique bonuses (four unlockable) set through the famous CLUE mansion, players will be kept on the edge of their seats as they have a chance to solve the mystery at the end of each bonus round to win a progressive award. Through a unique game play mechanic, if a player fails to solve the mystery then the next player attempting to solve it will have better odds at the jackpot!

How To Play


Select an available CLUE character – Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mr. Green, Mrs. White, Colonel Mustard or Mrs. Peacock – and start playing the 5-Reel Video base game. Your selected character becomes the high pay symbol on your reels. After any base spin, the Time to Add WILDs Feature can trigger to offer up to 15 WILD symbols to your spin.



Three scattered Mansion symbols open the Room Bonus Selection screen, where you’ll select your bonus round from any unlocked Room Bonuses – up to six in all! The Kitchen and Ballroom Bonuses are available from the first time you play CLUE slots, but as you accumulate Sleuth Points you’ll unlock the Conservatory Bonus, Dining Room Bonus, Billiard Room Bonus and Library Bonus in random order.

After any spin, the Lights Out Bonus may trigger to award you any of the six room bonuses, regardless of whether you’ve currently unlocked those rooms or not.

Solve-the-Mystery Progressive


After every bonus round, you could have a chance to correctly accuse Suspect, Room and Weapon to win the bank-wide Solve-The-Mystery Progressive jackpot. If you incorrectly solve the mystery, one of your accusations is removed as an option, making the mystery easier to solve for the next player attempting it.



Similar to THE LORD OF THE RINGS™ slots, you can continue your adventure in CLUE slots between casino trips! Using your Player’s Life® web services login, play our Quick CLUE casual game to temporarily unlock additional bonus rooms to enjoy back at the casino!

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