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Adaptive Gaming® allows you to boldly go where no one has gone before™. You can now save your state and return where you left off! As you progress through familiar STAR TREK episodes, you’ll collect Starfleet medals that can be used to unlock additional episodes containing unique bonus options and Win Warp Features! Visit for more Star Trek slots excitement!


Episode 1: Explore New Worlds®


Red Alert Bonus

  • Each winning spin zaps a Klingon ship on the top screen that multiplies all wins, 2x to 15x.

Beam Me Up Bonus

  • Players start by choosing a crew member, which reveals a credit amount.
  • Players then select from an array of objects that reveal credits, “select another crew member,” or a Salt Monster.

Episode 2: The Trouble With Tribbles™


Tribble Ball Bonus

  • Tribbles bounce around on the top screen and land in holes that award credit values.

Trap A Tribble Free Spin Bonus

  • Receive eight free spins!

Episode 3: Trek Through Time™


Vortex Bonus

  • Receive free spins using a set of 15 independent reels.
  • Any winning combination is locked in place and the non-winning symbols respin.

Rescue Bonus

  • Select from 16 buttons.
  • Buttons award credits, “beams,” or “beams and credits.”

Episode 4: The Enterprise Incident™


Minefield Bonus

  • You are presented with a 6x6 grid of Romulan Mines that surround the Enterprise; pick six mines to phaser.

Romulan Codex Bonus

  • You are awarded eight free spins, and can earn a multiplier up to 15X Win Warp Features.

Episode 5: Live Long and Prosper™


Amok Time Bonus

  • Pick from a grid of shields for credits or more picks.

Live Long and Prosper Bonus

  • Every winning spin during your free spins will increase your multiplier.

Episode 6: Mirror Mirror™


Mirror Mirror Bonus

  • 8 Free Spins with Duplicating Wild Reels.

Crew Search Bonus

  • Search for Kirk, McCoy and Uhura for credit awards

Win Warp Features

Each Star Trek Episode contains 4 of the below Win Warp Features

  • The Spock Multiplier — Spock appears and multiplies all line wins from 3x to 10x.
  • The Rock Creature Multiplying Wild — The Rock Creature appears and leaves a multiplying wild (3x to 10x) in a random position on one of the reels.
  • Scotty’s Wild Reel — Scotty fills 1 or 2 of the reels entirely with wilds.
  • The Enterprise Fly By — The Enterprise flies by, turning all winning combinations into one of the other reel symbols from the game to create new pays.
  • Kirks Gone Wild — Marta dances over the reels, turning all the Kirk symbols into wilds.
  • Dilithium Crystal Super Scatter — A Dilithium Crystal appears at the top of the screen and converts all wins into scatters.
  • Symbol Upgrade — Doors close on the reels; when they reopen, all the symbols are transformed into the next higher symbol on the paytable.
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