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Attack From Mars™ / Revenge From Mars™

Play Attack from Mars at your favorite casino and Humans vs. Martians online to unlock exclusive digital content!


Play as the Humans or as the Martians in this exciting double feature slot. Defend Earth as the humans or help destroy Earth as the Martians as you play through two exciting Wild features and four comical bonus levels. The multi-game functionality allows you to select your gaming experience for a personalized offering that’s out of this world!

How To Play


Attack from Mars bonuses include There Goes the Universe and Duck It’s Chicken. Revenge from Mars bonuses are Mars Kneads Women and Abducting Makes Me Hungry. Each base game contains a WILD feature that will randomly award WILD symbols at the end of any spin

There Goes the Universe


Select from Martian ships for credit awards. Some ships reveal a Mother Ship feature or a Tractor Beam feature. The Mother Ship feature awards a multiplier, while the Tractor Beam feature fires a tractor beam upon one of Earth’s landmarks. Attempt to stop the ship from stealing the landmarks by selecting from a group of missiles: if the missile reveals “Hit” then the Earth’s landmark is saved and the bonus continues.

Duck It’s Chicken


Receive an unlimited amount of free spins – a winning spin eliminates a row of invading Martians and awards 1 of 4 features, while losing spins allow the Martians to advance one space. Once the Martians advance far enough your pick could push the Martians back and retrigger the bonus.

Mars Kneads Women


A Martian Robot is scouring the city to collect different types of women for credit awards. Pick from various city items searching for sets of women for more credits awards – but watch out for the Sergeant who’s packing a nasty surprise.

Abducting Makes Me Hungry


2 Martian ships hover over the town square. Select from the stores to reveal credit awards, but be careful - if a selected store contains a bad item it causes your Martian scout to abort its abduction and leave the screen.

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